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IntelliFlash T4X60
Cost-Effective Flash Storage for Affordable Primary Storage

IntelliFlash T4X60

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IntelliFlash™ T-Series Storage Arrays

Flash storage has the power to fundamentally transform how you do business. But most solutions force you to compromise on performance, price, or features. Western Digital’s IntelliFlash arrays enable applications in virtual environments to thrive by accelerating transactions and simplifying workflows. Combining performance, economics, and flexibility at scale, IntelliFlash T-Series arrays offer you a wide product portfolio with comprehensive data services and data management capabilities.

Architected for Performance and Capacity

IT departments are increasingly challenged to deliver storage performance, scalability, and capacity with high efficiency at reduced costs. At the same time, application workloads such as server virtualization, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), online transaction processing (OLTP), and real-time analytics are further driving demand for storage infrastructure that can keep up.

IntelliFlash T-Series arrays help IT boost storage utilization and efficiency to all-flash and deliver unmatched storage performance and cost savings.

All-Flash AND Hybrid Flash in One Storage System

Whether you need the balanced performance and high capacity of a hybrid flash array or the sustained high performance of an all-flash array, IntelliFlash T-Series arrays can cost effectively satisfy any and all of these requirements.

IntelliCare™ Coud Analytics

Save time on storage administration and maximize the uptime and efficiency of all your IntelliFlash arrays with IntelliCare.

Powered by cloud-based analytics and backed by a team of storage experts, IntelliCare enables you to quickly and easily monitor the health, performance, and usage of all your IntelliFlash Arrays; predict future requirements; and detect problems before they develop into serious issues.

IntelliFlash Operating Environment

IntelliFlash T-Series arrays are powered by the IntelliFlash Operating Environment (OE). This fast, flexible OE is designed to leverage different grades of storage media — NVMe™-flash, performance flash, dense flash, hard disk drives (HDDs) — in a single storage array.

The IntelliFlash OE understands the inherent characteristics of different storage media and intelligently manages the placement of data to deliver optimal high performance at low latency with the best possible economics. It also includes advanced data services, multiprotocol support, and flexible management capabilities, enabling you to significantly shrink your storage footprint, maximize uptime, consolidate workloads, and simplify storage administration.




  • Storage Visionary - Recognized as a “Visionary” in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant
  • Enhanced Performance - All-flash array with hybrid disk storage expansion
  • Variable Block Deduplication - Data reduction on flash and hard disk
  • Unified Storage - Concurrent SAN and NAS data storage for virtual machine clusters
  • All-inclusive Pricing - Perpetual licensing with all software features included


  • Virtual Servers
  • Data Backup
  • Data Archives
  • Digital Imaging
  • Disaster Recovery


  T4760 T4860
Flash as % of Total Usable Capacity 60% Flash
Controllers Dual-Active Controller Architecture
Memory (GB) 464
Processors Dual multi-core CPUs per controller
Storage Capacity
Flash Memory (TB) 24.5 51.8
Disk Storage (TB) 26 52
Effective All-Flash Capacity (TB) 86 - 1027 173 - 1114
Effective Hybrid Capacity (TB) 80 - 880 160 - 960
Form Factor (RU) 5U 5U
Software Services
Protocols SAN Protocols (iSCSI, Fibre Channel), NAS Protocols (NFS, CIFS, SMB 3.0)
Data Services Inline deduplication and compression, space efficient thin provisioning, snapshots and clones, remote replication, applicationaware provisioning
Management Web browser, plug-ins for VMware vCenter and Microsoft System Center VMManager, SSH, IP-KVM, SNMP
Redundancy No single point of failure, Active/Active high availability architecture, dual ported storage media
Network Connectivity
Protocols SAN Protocols (iSCSI, Fibre Channel), NAS Protocols (NFS, CIFS, SMB 3.0)


Download the IntelliFlash T4X60 Tech Sheet (PDF).

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